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No virtual drives after update to Windows 8 64 Bit

After update from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and re-installation of Virtual CD v10.5 there are no virual drives as the the driver cannot be installed.

In the device manager the H+H Virtual CD 10 SCSI Controller is marked with a yellow exclamation mark.

This is because after an update from Windows 7 the installation files for the driver are missing for any reason. You can install the driver manually as follows:

  • Download the driver files:
  • Unpack the files, e.g. to %temp%.
  • Re-install the driver for the H+H Virtual CD 10 SCSI Controller in the device manager by right-clicking it. The path to the driver files is the path where you unpacked the ZIP file.

After a successful installation the virtual drives are available again.

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