Virtual CD — Areas of Use

At home

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Conveniently, safely, quickly

Have you had experiences with the common conditions of CDs? They are scratched, broken, lost, forgotten, stolen and sometimes OK. Virtual CD provides you great chances of having 100% of your CDs OK.

Your games, telephone CDs, lexikons, periodical archives and all other CDs that you own can bee safely well-kept. With Virtual CD you have all of your important media always at your fingertips.

In addition you can protect your virtual CDs as well with a password; yes, even your physical CD drive can be blocked with a password with Virtual CD. Thus you can be sure that only you and other authorized persons can work with them.

This prevents unauthorized persons, like children and family members from bringing in programs or data, and still giving them the possibility of access to specified CDs or DVDs. You can create a list of CDs and DVDs which can be used even though the physical drive is blocked, so that Virtual CD the drive for this media automatically shares.

Blocked drives can be shared for a short period, for instance, and then blocked again, if you want to install a new program from a CD or create a new virtual CD from the physical CD.

You can now, for instance, simultaneously use your lexikon, the route planner, the telephone CD and your graphic archive - without having to purchase severyl CD drives. You can create up to 23 CD drives and work with all of them using different applications and (virtual) CDs at the same time. No CD changing is necessary any more - if you need a program or CD it is immediately there - always ready to use!

In the office

SymbolIn the office

Pracitical, times-saving, simple and safe

Reference books, catalogues, article data, law texts, submittels, sets of rules and much more are to be found in offices. All these data and programs can only be of help when they are readily available and easy to use.

With Virtual CD you can store your CDs on your workstation computer and directly link with the application. You and your colleagues don't even need to know that a CD is needed. When starting the application Virtual CD automatically inserts the right CD. When creating the CD, you can direct Virtual CD to create an Icon on the desktop.

Your valuable CDs can be safely kept in a cabinet- You don't need to invest on CD or DVD drives.
If your workstation is networked, it's enough to have a virtual CD on the fileserver. All workstations can access this virtual CD - with almost fixed disk speed.

With the new password protection for the physical CD/DVD drives you can prevent unauthorized programs or data from being loaded onto the computers. Only authorized persons can then isnert CDs or DVDs in the drives. A brand new safety benefit!

When saving your business data on CDs with the new Smart Virtual CD Technology, you can protect your Ihre CDs with a password ot completely encrypt them. This protection can really pay off particularly in case of theft or illicit reading attempts!


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Virtual CD and Netbooks: An Ideal Combination

Netbooks such as the Eee PC and Acer Aspire represent a whole new generation of equipment in the IT world. These small but powerful subnotebooks offer ultra-connectivity over WLAN, UMTS and Bluetooth, and are far more affordable than standard laptops.

The Problem…

Making a notebook as small and light as possible usually means leaving out the optical drive. If you want to access data, games or music on a CD or DVD, you are faced with a dilemma: you can either pack along an external optical drive and all the optical discs you think you might need-basically negating the major advantages of having a netbook-or do without optical media altogether.

…The Solution

Virtual CD eliminates this problem completely. On any device running Windows XP, Virtual CD can set up not only virtual CD/DVD drives but also a virtual burner, which lets you create new CDs and DVDs even when there is no optical drive.

Three Strategies to Choose From

There are three way to combine Virtual CD and netbooks:

Method 1 —
External Drive

Install Virtual CD on the netbook and use an external drive to create images of your optical discs.

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • All Virtual CD functions available
  • External drive required

Method 2 —
USB stick

Install Virtual CD on a PC, create your virtual images, and then use VCD's Smart Virtual CD feature to run the images on the netbook from a flash drive.

  • Easy to integrate virtual CDs using Smart Virtual CD feature
  • No disk space used
  • No external drive required
  • No support for burning new virtual CDs

Method 3 —

This method combines the best of both worlds. Install Virtual on CD both the netbook and on a PC that has a CD/DVD drive. Create your images on the PC, and then transfer them to the netbook; for example, over a network. Not only the virtual CDs, but all features of the Virtual CD program are available on the netbook with this method.

  • Simple
  • No external drive required
  • All Virtual CD functions supported

On the road

Symbol On the road

Save electricity, save time, save space

The CD/DVD drive in a laptop consumes the most electricity. With Virtual CD, you can simply leave it at home. All your virtual CDs are on your hard drive. They are accessed via virtual CD/DVD drives, and thus the actual CD/DVD drive becomes superfluous. Your battery will last much longer!

Leave your CDs at home! You no longer have to constantly lug your CDs/DVDs around with you! You no longer have to be afraid that you'll lose or forget your CDs when you're on the road!

By using Virtual CD, your original CDs are protected against theft. Laptop theft is a problem that is getting worse, but the loss of your CDs could cost you even more! You can also protect the virtual CDs with a password and encryption, so that anyone who is not authorized cannot read your virtual CDs.

At school

Symbol At school

Utilize CDs and DVDs in the classroom trouble-free and easily with Virtual CD and the Virtual CD Network Management Server - also for terminalserver and Multipoint Server

Sound familiar?

You spend the first several minutes of your lesson distributing CDs and DVDs to your pupils.

Some of the discs are scratched or damaged, which means some of the pupils are left out of the lesson.

After class you spend half of your break collecting the CDs, and notice that some of them are in worse condition than they were before the lesson – or perhaps some have disappeared entirely.

You start considering the possibility of not using CDs in your lessons at all.

With Virtual CD, there is an easy and flexible solution to all these problems.

Virtual CD copies your CDs and DVDs to the hard drive of the student's workstations or on the central file server. Each workstation can access up to 23 different virtual CDs at the same time -and the original physical CDs does not even need to be at hand.

Virtual CDs behave just like the original - but are loaded and run immensely faster (comparable to a 200x CD physical drive!). Thus Virtual CD is suited for all kinds of educational CDs, encyclopedia, multimedia CDs, project CDs, etc.

No more original-CDs will get lost or damaged and also the cumbersome distribution of the originals at the beginning of the lesson and collection of them at the end of the lesson are a thing of the past so you have more time for your teaching.

All CDs needed for the lessons are immediately available exactly when you need them.

Using Virtual CD Network Management Server, you have everything under control

Insert each virtual CD centrally for your students exactly when you want them to have it.

Take the virtual CDs away from the students, if necessary.

Block the emulated CD drives on any of the workstations as needed.

Share the emulated CD drives centrally if required.

You receive extensive license checking and monitoring for your CDs.

You have a detailed usage statistic at your disposal.

The utilization of educational CDs for your lessons becomes considerably more effective and trouble-free, if you use Virtual CD and the Virtual CD Network Management Server!

You control your lessons with: Virtual CD / Virtual CD Terminal Server in combination with Virtual CD Network Management Server

Within a network

Symbol Network

Multily usage, save on hardware investments and backup your CD/DVD-collection

Virtual CD replaces local CD/DVD drives in your network. You can store the virtual CDs centrally on thefile server ab and all work station computers can access them with Virtual CD.

You decide who is allowed to do what in the network with Virtual CD! You can authorize, for instance, simple workstations only the reading of images, while you and the IT department can create, change and delete virtual CDs. You decide whether the physical drives are blocked with a password for the work station computers or whether they are available for your employees.

Store a client setup of Virtual CD in the network and install ,your' version of Virtual CD on the work stations.

With Virtual CD you are in the position to construct "real" multimedia networks! Since Virtual CD provides "real" CDs (not Netzwork-Drives) in the network, audio-, video- or other multimedia data can be transferred in the network. This is possible with Virtual CD and opens new possibilities in CD/DVD networking!

In libraries

Symbol Library

Using CDs and DVDs in your library is easy and trouble-free with Virtual CD and the Virtual CD Network Management Server

Making CDs and DVDs available for library visitors and staff can involve a lot of work-and sometimes even trouble. CDs get lost, damaged or even stolen from the library.

Thanks to Virtual CD, there is an easy and flexible solution to all these problems.

Virtual CD copies your CDs and DVDs to the hard drives of your network PCs, or on your central file server. Each workstation can access up to 23 different virtual CDs at the same time - and the original physical CDs do not even have to be at hand.

Virtual CD is the most sophisticated CD emulator available and is used by some of the largest libraries worldwide, and a growing number of small to mid-size libraries as well.

Besides the use in libraries Virtual CD has replaced hardware-based CD-ROM-servers in many sectors. From IT and Telco companies to the chemical industry (incl. companies like Bayer, BASF) or international government institutions Virtual CD is used to make CD-ROMs and CD-ROM based applications available on workstations without the distribution of physical media.

Using Virtual CD and Virtual CD Network Management Server, you have everything under control

Insert each virtual CD centrally on the workstations exactly when you want them to have it.

Prevent access to the virtual CDs when necessary

Block the emulated CD drives on any of the workstations as needed

Lock the physical CD drives centrally if required

Use the optional license management feature for your CDs

Retrieve detailed usage statistics for all your CDs

The utilization of CDs and DVDs is more effective and trouble-free than ever when you use Virtual CD and the Virtual CD Network Management Server!

All editions of Virtual CD are available in 30-day trial versions: Download area

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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