Virtual CD Webhelp
Virtual CD FS
Legal Notices
Document Conventions
What Virtual CD FS Can Do for You
New Features in Version 10
Virtual CD FS Licensing
System Requirements
Technical Support
Notes on Installation
After Installation
Virtual CD FS Services
Configuration for Network Access
Repairing or Deinstalling Virtual CD FS
Virtual CD FS Step by Step
Serving a Virtual CD over the Network
Sharing a Virtual CD
Sharing a Recordable Virtual CD
Important Notes on Managing Shares
How to Turn 23 into 5865
Creating a Virtual CD Collection
Editing a Collection
Updating Collections
Collection Wizard
Opening a Collection
Select Virtual CDs
Advanced Collection Properties
Collections and Virtual CDs
Properties of a Collection
Sharing a Collection
Collection Viewer
Configuration and Execution
Configuration File
Command Line
User Access
Important Points to Consider
Virtual CD TS
Legal Notices
Document Conventions
What Virtual CD TS Can Do for You
New Features in Version 10
Virtual CD TS Licensing
System Requirements
Technical Support
Virtual Drives vs. Virtual Burners
After Installation
Virtual CD TS Services
Configuration for Network Access
Repairing or Deinstalling Virtual CD TS
Working with Virtual CD TS
Administration of Virtual CD Drives
Types of Profile?
Profile Editor
Virtual CD Basic Profile
Creating a User Profile
Profile Settings
CD Drives
Profile Analysis
Ground Rules for Using Profiles
Unable to Run Profile Editor
Examples - Using Profiles
Example of a Basic Configuration
One CD for All
A Brief Overview
Legal Notices
What Virtual CD Can Do for You
New Features in Version 10
Differences Between Windows Versions
Document Conventions
Virtual CD Licensing
System Requirements
Technical Support
Demo vs. Full Version
From Demo to Full Version
Installing Virtual CD
After Installation
Repairing or Removing Virtual CD
Quick Start
Creating Your First Virtual CD
Adding Existing Images
Adding a Virtual Drive
Further Information
Virtual CD Step by Step
Before You Get Started
Obtaining Information
Operating Instructions
Using the Keyboard
Introduction to the User Interfaces
Virtual CD Starter
Quick Start Utility
Explorer Extension
Added Menu Items
Menu Items Added for Drives
Menu Items Added for Images
Menu Items Added for the Editor
Double-click on an Image
Display of Images
Display of Drives
Dynamic Desktop Icons
Calling Functions from the Desktop
Viewing Comments
Positioning Desktop Icons
Adding Hard Drives
Empty Virtual Drives
Notes on the Desktop Icons
AutoPlay Dialog
CD Control Center
Directory Structure
Navigation Bar
Main Menu
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Selecting a CD
Image Search
Image Filter
ISO Images Only
Action Prompt on Double-Click
... on an Image
... on a Drive
Special Operating Features
Control Center Launch
Display of Views
Encrypted Images
User-defined Programs
The Fundamentals of Media
The Many Types of Optical Disc
Types of Blanks
Notes on HD-DVD
Video Media
Image Formats
Virtual CD Images
ISO Images
Third-party Formats
Selecting the Format You Need
Creating Virtual CDs
Image Wizard
Image Writer
Copy Templates
Copy Template Editor
Creating a Virtual CD Copy Template
Quick Copy - The Fast Way to Make Virtual CDs
Quick Copy Editor
Assembling Data
Making a Customized Virtual CD
Loading Folder Contents
Don't Copy – Customize!
Separating Video from Other Data
Writing Data to the Target Medium
Editing a Virtual CD
Opening a Multisession Image
Project Files
Explorer View
Contents View
Main Menu
Working with Virtual CDs
Important Paths
Inserting a Virtual CD
Default Drive
Shortcuts for Fast Access
Ejecting a Virtual CD
Types of Drive
Using Physical Drives for Images
Display of Drives
Adding Images
Deleting Virtual CDs
Copying Virtual CDs
Copy Wizard
Image Properties
Log File
Converting Image Files
Image Converter
Direct Access to Image Files
Comparing a CD to its Image
Comparison Wizard
Keeping Track of Your Virtual CDs
Using Scripts – No Programming Required
Script Generator
Command Line Program
Cataloging Your CD Media
Creating a Catalog
Display of Catalogs
Searching in Catalogs
Found it! Now what?
Catalog Search
Catalog Overview
Detail View
Main Menu
Status Bar
Catalog Properties
File Properties
Using the Virtual Burner
Virtual Blanks
Direct Creation of Blanks
Creating a Virtual Blank
Blank ISO Media
Physical Medium as Template
Blank Media Wizard
Detection of a Virtual Blank
The Windows CD Burning Function
Burning a Data CD (Windows XP)
Burning a Data CD (Windows 7)
Burning a Virtual Audio CD
End of the Burn Process
Automatic Naming Function
Live File System
What You Cannot Burn
Re-writable Blanks
Special Case: DVD-RAM
(Encrypted) Hard Disks
Safe for Sensitive Data
Sound File Mode
Special Blank for the Sound File Mode
Activating the Sound File Mode
Burning with iTunes
Burning with the Media Player
End of the Conversion Process
Quitting the Sound File Mode
Copying Media
Notes on Burning CDs
Creating 1-to-1 Copies
Virtual CD Burner
Deleting Re-writable Media
Eraser Wizard
Smart Virtual CD
Creating a Smart Virtual CD Medium
Burning Smart Virtual CDs
Smart Virtual CD Burner
Create a Smart VCD Flash Drive
Using Smart Virtual CD Media
Removing the Smart Virtual CD Reader
Physical Drives
Denoiser: for a Quieter System
Reducing the Noise from a CD Drive
Drive Properties
Supported Media
Virtual CD in the Network
Global Access to Virtual CDs
Centralized Data Access
Creating a Client Setup
Client Setup Program
Type of Installation
Virtual Drives
Using Multiple License Codes
License Monitor
Configuring your Virtual CD Program
System Page
Configuration Page
Virtual Drives Page
Virtual CDs Page
Burn Page
Display of Drives Page
Explorer Integration Page
Supported ISO Images Page
Task Assignments Page
Folders Page
User Programs Page
Keyboard Shortcuts Page
Driver Page
Controlling the Use of Physical CDs
Disabling the Use of Physical CDs
Permitting the Use of Specified CDs
CD Security Editor
Stay up to date!
Contacting Virtual CD Support
General Information
Cannot Use A or B for Virtual Drives
Long Delay When Opening Popup Menus in the Explorer
The Explorer Extension Does Not Add Menu Items to Popup Menus
A Virtual CD Does Not Work
Cannot Play a Virtual Audio CD
CD Burning Software No Longer Detects Burner
Problems with Remote Access
Driver Problems
Working with Large Number of Images
Questions on Network Operation
The Virtual CD Folders
Virtual CD API
Command Line Arguments
Image Wizard
Command Line Program
Blank Media Wizard
Quick Start Utility
User's Manual Supplement: v10.1
Additions in CD Control Center
New Status Information
Expanded Information in Desktop Icons
VCD Starter Options in Windows 7 Task Bar
New Functions for Task Assignments
Adding Data to a Virtual CD
Interrupting Creation of a Virtual CD
Dividing Blanks into Multiple Files

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