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Virtual CD drives cannot be created in Virtual CD v10.x - Windows Vista and higher

Error scenarios:
- After installing Virtual CD, there are no virtual CD drives
- It isn't possible to add virtual drives or change existing drive letters.

  1. Please check whether the H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller is listed and activated in the device manager.
    If the controller is marked with a yellow exclamation mark, please remove the H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller and reinstall the driver manually. The corresponding file is an OEMxx.INF file in the Windows\Inf directory. The size of the file is 3 KB AND the first line of this file is
       VDRV1064.INF (Windows 64 bit) respectively VDRV1000.INF (Windows 32 bit)
    (Maybe there are lots of OEMxx.INF files on your system so it might be helpful using search function of Windows Explorer)

    If H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller can not be installed successfully please reinstall Virtual CD as described in step 3
  2. If the H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller is activated, please try to add a virtual drive using the Virtual CD Settings:

    Right-click on Virtual CD icon in the SysTray of the task bar -> Settings -> Virtual Drives -> Add…
  3. If the H+H Virtual CD SCSI Controller is activated and no virtual drive can be added using the Virtual CD Emulation:
    Deinstall Virtual CD
    Delete - if existing - the following files
    - infcache.* (Windows 7: %WinDir%\System32\DriverStore\, Windows Vista: %WinDir%\INF\)
    - all driver files(see step 1) according to the operation system and the version of Virtual CD
    - identically named *.pnf files from folder %WinDir%\INF\
    - Windows 64 bit only: %WinDir%\INF\vcd10bus.inf and/or the corresponding OEMxx.INF file
    (line 7 of this file is  ";    VCD10BUS.INF")
    Restart the computer
    Install Virtual CD once more


If this does not solve the problem we need more information to pinpoint the problem, feel free to contact us in our support forum
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Article #3230 | 03/28/19 | Hartmut Mäcker