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How do I license Virtual CD?

The Virtual CD licensing model

Network programs are generally licensed either on a "per seat" base or with a given number of concurrent licenses. Virtual CD uses the "per seat" scheme (also known as "named"), i.e. each station that runs Virtual CD requires a specific license to do so. In this case, the number of concurrent users is irrelevant.

There are 30 stations in your network. If only 25 of these will be working with Virtual CD, you can order a 25 client license.

Technical realization

A license is "bound" to a PC with a registration key. There are  5 client, 25 client und 100 client packages. In other words, with a 25 client package the respective registration number can be entered on 25 stations. If 50 stations in a network work with Virtual CD arbeiten, two 25 client packages are necessary. One of the license numbers is entered on 25 stations and the other number is entered on the rest.
How you work with the mechanism when you are distributing the registragion number over a client setup is described in separate articles [kb 692,for Version 4], [kb 985,for Version 5] and [kb 1373,for Version 6 and higher].
Virtual CD NMS allows you to to dynamically allocate the licenses.

You can check the distribution of your license numbers with the Virtual CD License Monitor.

Article #493 | 05/26/06 | Hartmut Mäcker